October 22, 2012

"Letter: My governments have killed my St. Lucie River" @TCPalm

ALEX BOERNER/TREASURE COAST NEWSPAPERS   This aerial view of the St. Lucie Inlet looking south shows the murky water coming from the St. Lucie River shortly  after Lake Okeechobee discharges began.


Letter: My governments have killed my St. Lucie River



The South Florida Water Management District announced more releases of Lake Okeechobee into our already stressed and filthy St. Lucie River.

This amazing estuary is home to hundreds of species and serves as a nursery for ocean species as well. So why has our government killed our river?

No politicians on a state or national level have done anything to stop this massive destruction, essentially taking the river, and the life it should sustain, away from me, you, and our children.

With all the talk these days of the economy, politicians and candidates choose to ignore the importance of a healthy river to our community and its members who make their living from it in so many ways.

I wonder if our politicians have been fishing here, paddle boarding, pulled their kids tubing or skiing, or looked for hermit crabs on the banks of our river.

I also wonder how much they've received in campaign contributions from Big Sugar, an industry catered to by our government, one with little interest in clean estuaries.

How is it that the state of Florida could fast-track millions of dollars to help a company make movies, yet they somehow can't come up with any money for Everglades restoration?

It's heartbreaking to watch the Army Corps of Engineers and water district destroy what they should be protecting. My government has killed my river, and I am angry.